Our sustainability

Al Ándalus Foundation for Education, is a non-profit, whose foundational objectives are, among others, the construction of an international school in Granada for Muslims children both local children as from any other part of the world so what you want to.


The business of edible products such as olive oil, and other “halal” products that are intended to introduce in the future under the brand “La Maestranza” is intended both to give to know the Muslim world the educational project of the Foundation, as to establish trade links with Muslims from all over the world, through the marketing of the products of outstanding quality produced in Spain, the former lands of Al-Ándalus.


The benefits obtained with this activity will be part of the Waqf, which the Foundation will establish Insha Allah, to cover the costs of the school as much as possible.

If you are interested in knowing all matters relating to the Foundation please be sure to visit our website: http://fundacionalandalus.org